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Simple Joy of Life Celebrated with Birthday Party at Hamaspik’s Arcadian Briderheim Residence

September 16, 2015

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

With Family in Attendance, Resident Binyomin Marks 21st Happy Milestone


Grand, sweeping, undulating, ever-changing, pulsating and throbbing; filled with change and color and richness and happiness and sadness and despair and triumph.

Life—a beating heart, a smile, a roof over one’s head, another day, another year; these and infinitely more form the interminable kaleidoscope that is being alive.

And they’re all cause for celebration upon completing yet another 365 days of life.

Binyomin lives his life at the Arcadian Briderheim Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA), one of several group homes run by Hamaspik of Rockland County.

Under the loving and sincere care of the home’s full-time staff, Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) Joel Fried, Joel Goldberger, Michoel Gottesman and Hillel Spitzer under Manager Solomon Lebowitz, Binyomin and his fellow residents get the highest possible quality of life.

Part and parcel of that, of course, is throwing a grand gala birthday party for Binyomin upon his recent 21st birthday. Because life isn’t just worth living, but worth celebrating.

After all, Arcadian staffers are just about the last people in the world to let a little disability get in the way of life. 

On the afternoon of Tuesday, August 18, the large dining-room table at Arcadian was festively bedecked in a colorful tablecloth. Brightly-colored banners and balloons practically crackled with a joyous energy from the walls. Seated around the table at coordinated settings, pointed paper party cones on their heads, were Arcadian’s residents.

And at the head of the table, with beaming mother and siblings off to one side, was Binyomin.

Behind him, hovering over him as the attentive one-on-one caregiver that he is, was Arcadian DSP Hillel Spitzer. Before him was the quintessentially ordinary birthday cake.

For close to the next hour, participants sang songs, sampled snacks, enjoyed slices of cake (which Binyomin cut with a little help from his friend Hillel) and wished Binyomin well.

Life in all its iterations is truly worth embracing. That’s just one of the many reasons Binyomin’s family was there to celebrate with him as he entered his 22nd year of life.

And so long as there is this great inscrutable called life, the team at Arcadian will be giving Binyomin the most he can get out of his.