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Brooklyn Energy Executive Sees the Light with Hamaspikcare for Beloved Grandfather

January 19, 2016

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette


Entrepreneur Scores a Different Kind of Maximum Efficiency with Home Care

The longtime Brooklyn entrepreneur, who requested anonymity from the Gazette, knows a thing or two about finding a good deal.

His energy efficiency consultancy, a sizable state player in his market of choice, helps small private business and huge public entities alike cut to the bottom dollar on power costs across New York.

The gentleman typifies the challenges of the “Sandwich Generation” with an Orthodox Jewish twist.  Where conventional middle-agers find themselves simultaneously caring for aging parents and growing children, he does all that—plus assist his venerated 87-year-old grandfather.

So when it came time to find the right plan of care for the family patriarch, the man knew that the bottom line was the bottom line. In a word?  Results.

Some two years ago, the man’s grandfather, who’s had Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia for the past decade, was not getting satisfactory regular care.

But his grandson the businessman is also a close friend of one Mordechai Wolhendler, who’s also the capable and energetic Downstate Regional Director for HamaspikCare—Hamaspik’s five-star, Joint Commission-certified home-care agency now in its fifth year.

Needless to say, both grandfather and grandson are happy campers now.

With HamaspikCare’s superlative industry expertise, the senior family member was shortly signed up for 24/7 live-in care—a critical component of care that had been painfully absent earlier.  The junior member had found himself one time too many making bleary-eyed dashes to his grandfather’s home at 3:00 a.m. after his frantic grandmother called to report yet another fall.

Working extensively with HamaspikCare’s top-notch staff, including Field Nurse Ahuva Chemtob, RN (“She’s a tzaddeikis,” he says, using a phrase denoting spiritual and moral excellence), the executive found the perfect team of home health aides (HHAs) and personal care aides (PCAs).  They not only care for his beloved progenitor, but their personalities click well with their patient, too.

It’s been some three months since he began his frail and involved grandfather on HamaspikCare, and the improvements have been remarkable.

The aides provide every level of immediate care ‘round the clock, from bathing and hygiene to monitoring and medication observation.  Gone are the uncertainty and insecurity.  In their place is an honored family patriarch whose wife, the honored family matriarch, can sleep through the night knowing that her spouse is safe—and a grandfather who’s much more relaxed and less agitated.

“The family can go back to normal life,” he says with a sigh of relief.  “They’re taking good care of him, and he likes his aides.  He’s happy with them.”

What’s more, should issues and questions arise (and with such an involved patient, they do), HamaspikCare’s staff regularly communicates with the devoted grandchild, he reports.  “There’s who to talk to,” he says.  “I have no complaints.”

With their grandfather now being proactively and professionally cared for by HamaspikCare, the entrepreneurial grandson and his entire family have scored a different kind of maximum efficiency.

Asked about that, Wolhendler responds, “It was nothing. I’d do it for anyone!”

Not yet a close friend of Mordechai Wolhendler?  Not a problem!  For anything related to caring for loved ones at home, or just to shmooze, Mordechai will gladly talk to you at 718-408-6706.