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“Doing chessed for others as long as there is chessed to be done”:

December 29, 2015

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette


In response to a recent request by Gazette Editor Mendy Hecht for the latest goings-on at HamaspikCare, tireless Hamaspik-Care Director of Patient Services Rena Milgraum, RN penned the following informal report from home despite a very late hour. Minus minimal cosmetic touch-ups and editor’s comments, we give you the unvarnished original.  It speaks for itself.


Hello Mr. Hecht,


Apologies for being so busy, too busy to talk, but it’s been for good things baruch Hashem [thank God—ed.].


I’m not sure if you heard but we have doubled in size in the past two years and are constantly providing chessed [lit. kindness; i.e. social justice—ed.]!


Of course, such beautiful growth like this only happens with such a committed and devoted team, which we most definitely have at HamaspikCare.


Our intake department constantly works with such enthusiasm with each and every thing they do, finding out exactly what service they need, or getting them services from Hamaspik-Care ASAP, if need be.


The marketing success speaks for itself by the numerous clients approaching us daily that come to HamaspikCare choosing us to be their Agency of choice and to serve them.


The recruitment team has done an absolutely fabulous job at increasing our staff in Orange County and Brooklyn, so that we can accommodate our increasing client numbers.


You would not believe how talented our HR department is. They make the aides that come to us feel so comfortable and happy to be signing up with us! As one of our PCAs [Personal Care Aides—ed.] recently told one of our HR members, “I talk on the radio sometimes and I tell all the aides out there to go and work for Hamaspik because they’re going to treat you right.” Once they start the process of signing up aides, they do it as quickly as possible, and make sure everything is in compliance such as that the aides are healthy to work! They have HamaspikCare’s best interests in mind because their Number One goal is to prepare the aides to deliver top-quality service as fast as possible.


Compliance itself is not an easy task because it relates to all aspects of the company: Employees, employers, contracts, etc. but it’s no issue for us because we have an extremely knowledgeable and bright corporate compliance officer on our side coming in with many years of experience working in HamaspikCare.


Our wonderful team of nurses is doing an unbelievable job at orienting and supervising the aides to make sure our clients are not only taken care of, but feel safe in our hands as well. The number of times that the nurses have worked passed their “working hours” putting their personal lives on hold for the safety or comfort of their patients is immeasurable.


The schedulers are working hard every minute of every day so that the patients’ shifts are covered. This can be quite challenging at times because we at HamaspikCare try to find not just any aide, but the right aide for our clients. The schedulers’ job in finding and maintaining adequate coverage can sometimes seem near impossible, but their daily extensive efforts shine through consistently.


The scheduling supervisors work around the clock, and when I say, “around the clock,” I mean AROUND THE CLOCK, to make sure all scheduling is running smoothly and that no client is left without service. They also ensure that our aide documentation is up to par. They truly try to serve our beloved clients to their maximum ability.


Our Billing/Finance department is really one of a kind. They are not only extremely pleasant to be around but also get the job done exceptionally well. No job is too big for them; everything will be taken care of whether it’s a payroll run or a contract question. Their meticulous work ethic makes the entire HamaspikCare team feel as though everything is under control whether it is for their own personal welfare or the welfare of HamaspikCare.


The devotion and commitment of the Administrator [Mr. Asher Katz—ed.] himself can never be underestimated because everyone knows he has not only his mind in the job, but his heart in it too. He’s a leader who looks out for the well-being of every client and staff member, both in and out of the office.


The dedication and passion to help our clients is mamish [Yiddish for literally—ed.] seen on a daily basis here at HamaspikCare, by each and every team member, to serve every client with the utmost quality care which is validated by the tremendous success we have had over the past two years. One of my dearest clients once told me when I was a [HamaspikCare] Field Nurse, “You should not think that just because you get paid for it that it isn’t chessed, because it still is.” I believe that this is the truth 100%.


May we all be zoche [deserving of merit—ed.] to continue to be matzliach [successful—ed.] in doing chessed for others as long as there is chessed to be done.