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April 13, 2016  

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

Responding to Community Call, Agency Nurses Secure 24-hour Nurse for Family in Need

At the end of the day, there’s something bigger than customer service.

Call it what you will—social justice, compassion, love, sharing—but there’s more to your job, and life, than just doing your job.

A textbook example of that was HamaspikCare’s recent securing of a 24-hour nurse for a family that was not a beneficiary of the home-care services of HamaspikCare.

While HamaspikCare does not regularly do the medical assistance work that is done by many other worthy community profits, when the call came in, HamaspikCare just couldn’t say no.

An older woman called the agency at 11:00 on a recent Friday morning.  A large family get-together was unfolding that weekend, and a grandchild with involved medical needs would be staying over.

The child needed a nurse on the premises ‘round-the-clock, and the family didn’t yet have one.  Could HamaspikCare help?

Applying the same level of diligence, attention and genuine caring that define not nursing but HamaspikCare, Director of Patient Services Rena Milgraum, RN asked Field Nurses Ahuva Chemtob, RN, Estee Deutsch, RN, Rachel Levy, RN and Leah Lichstein, RN if they would be available and/or interested in freelance work.

While none were, they did, however, waste no time networking with fellow nurses beyond HamaspikCare.

With the word put out on their social networks, it wasn’t long before an RN out there responded positively to the last-minute opportunity.

And by 3:00 p.m., Mrs. Milgraum was on the phone with a grateful grandmother, reassuring her that an available nurse had been found.