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Politically Active Hamaspik Resident, State Sen. David Carlucci (D-38th Dist.) Meet Again

June 30, 2016

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

Speeding neighborhood cars, turnout-friendlier statewide election dates, and even gun-control laws all have one thing in common, if you ask State Sen. David Carlucci: They’re all issues brought up at a personal meeting between the public servant and a proud member of his constituency, Mr. Eliezer “Lazer” Friedrich.

Lazer has long been an active follower of politics local and national—with an impressive record of grassroots political activism, to boot.

He’s written to, and has received letters from, public servants from the U.S. President on down.  And local politicians in the Rockland County he calls home have long known Lazer to pay personal visits from time to time.

This time, it was State Sen. David Carlucci’s turn.

On Tuesday, May 31, Sen. Carlucci made good on his agreement to greet Mr. Friedrich at his New City regional offices, with the Senator personally ushering Lazer into his meeting room.

Lazer, who resides at Hamaspik of Rockland County’s Forshay Briderheim Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) group home, had plenty to talk about.

For close to one hour, citizen and representative discussed a number of contemporary concerns. 

Mr. Friedrich opened the meeting with a request for publicly-funded private-school security in Rockland that would be equivalent to that enjoyed by private schools in New York City.

An insightful request followed, with Lazer asking about the possibility of combining federal and state election dates in New York—a change that would not only be more cost-efficient but which would, in his opinion, significantly increase voter turnout.

The Senator was “amazed” by the practical suggestion, recalls Hamaspik’s Yaakov Grunwald, Lazer’s Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC) who arranged Lazer’s request for the meeting.  Mr. Grunwald, supporting Lazer in attending as well, reports a lively back-and-forth on the issue.

Mr. Friedrich next mentioned legislation being spearheaded by State Sen. Jeff Klein (D-34th Dist.) that would impose tougher gun regulations across the Empire State.  Sen. Carlucci admitted earnestly pledged to discuss it with Sen. Klein—a textbook example of American civics at work.

Turning his attention to issues back home, Lazer petitioned his State Senator to lower the speed limit along Forshay Rd., whose Number 48 address is the young man’s home.

With that road being the primary traffic corridor in and out of the residential area, transplanted city birds have long been seen zipping along the double-yellow straightaway at speeds well in excess of the local 30-mile-an-hour limit, Mr. Friedrich noted. 

Could you do something about it?  The Senator said he’d try.

The meeting, arranged weeks in advance by Mr. Grunwald in coordination with Carlucci aide Catherine Oteri, ended with the Senator personally escorting Lazer to the door—moving furniture aside to ensure his wheelchair’s clear passage, and expressing an interest in personally visiting 48 Forshay Rd. sometime in the future.

“He thanked Lazer again for coming,” says Mr. Grunwald of their parting at the front door.  “He was very grateful, and asked Lazer more than once to send in any concerns and to please come again.”

Considering that Sen. Carlucci personally greeted Mr. Friedrich as a familiar regular right from the start, you can be sure that the Hamaspik resident and the public servant haven’t seen the last of each other just yet.