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Happenings Around Hamaspik

August 19, 2016

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

SCIP-ing Training at Hamaspik Rockland

Keeping its front-line support staff on the cutting edge of competence as it does, Hamaspik recently certified (or recertified) a group of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) in Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention (SCIP), the OPWDD’s official rules for how to safely protect people with disabilities from physically harming themselves or others, including staff.

At an August 18 training session on its central premises, Hamaspik of Rockland County had close to a dozen agency MSCs both new and old receive training (or a refresher) in SCIP.

A professional trainer spent several quality hours guiding the staff through a number of crisis scenarios, with all emerging equipped to defuse any situation—and to prevent them in the first place.

The Sun(shine) Lives at Dinev

Despite several days of torrential downpours and sheets of gloomy gray cloud punctuating this summer’s otherwise glorious stretches of blight blue-sky times, the residents of Hamaspik of Orange County’s Dinev Inzerheim Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) have remained sunny all season long thus far—thanks in small part to the “summer sunnies” they lovingly made by hand one summer day.  The sun shapes, comprised of pretzel sunbeams radiating from orange-sprinkled cookies, were so bright, cheery and positively yummy that you could just eat them up—which residents did.  (But not before a caring staffer sent in this photo!)

Motor Cars for Forever-friend STARS

Well, a van, at least.

The popular and growing STARS program powered by Hamaspik, geared for the community’s highest-functioning young women, got a new van this August.  The brand-new passenger vehicle helps the program beneficiaries regularly get out and about around town, shuttling to and from their plethora of daily off-site life-skills activities.

Speaking of activities, the STARS program—under the leadership of director Mrs. Esty Schonfeld and capable staff—keeps plenty busy on its own premises!  Among its stimulating and therapeutic activities were the painting of ceramic forms—turning the blank white shapes into stunning kaleidoscopes crackling with color, life... and more than a little friendship.

Forshay Found Fabulously Favorable in Fleischmanns

The Regis Hotel of upstate Fleischmanns, New York not only threw open its doors this past August to “the boys” of Hamaspik of Rockland County’s Forshay Briderheim Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA), but its hearts, too.

The gentlemen opted for the popular resort town for their summer vacation this year, departing Monsey midday on Monday, August 22 and arriving at the hotel later that afternoon.

That was after their van and bus had first stopped at Bear Mountain State Park for an outdoor picnic lunch surrounded by breathtaking views, of course.

Naturally, the gentlemen and their support staff of four also had to take a travel break in Chester, New York, where the rigors of the road were rip-roaringly replaced by go-kart-track rounds at The Castle, a family fun center frequented during the seasonable months by Hamaspik.  The young men also enjoyed The Castle’s interior, replete with exhilarating games as it is.

Once at “Oppenheimer’s,” as the Regis is informally known for the family that owns it, no sooner had Hamaspik’s vehicles been parked in the hotel’s lot than hotel staff invite the new guests to park themselves in their lobby.

With their luggage unpacked and the gentlemen settled into their quarters, that acceptance was shortly expressed as staff graciously invited them into the main dining room for a sumptuous dinner.

Until their departure on Wednesday and all through their stay (which included local trips to a petting zoo, swimming, and a two-hour Hudson River boat trip), the Hamaspik party was made to feel right at home at the Regis.

“The people at the hotel were very respectful and friendly,” reports Forshay IRA Manager Mrs. Sarah Fischer—a respectful friendliness that also included guests and employees alike showering Hamaspik staff with blessings for the work they do.  “They were very nice to us—very accepting!”

Go South 9th!

With every activity and item on its three-day itinerary branded with a “Go” theme, the residents of the South 9th Shvesterheim IRA, Hamaspik of Kings County’s first group home meticulously managed since inception by the tireless Mrs. Malkie Cziment, enjoyed a vacation at the upstate Raleigh Hotel sprinkled and spiced with driving verbiage.

Each young woman wore a colored “Hamaspik On the Go” name necklace at departure from Brooklyn, enjoyed their midday meal from a “3-2-1 Go! Lunch Box,” played “Games on the Go” to fill their first vacation evening, and even collected a “Go Package” of frosty mints.

Of course, in the course of visiting about four venues upstate, they also managed to go boating, hiking, swimming, vegetable picking, hay riding, bowling, roller skating and—not to forget when your driving theme is “Go”—go-karting.

For South 9th, plans for person-centered family fun this summer were definitely—and, perhaps literally—a go.