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Hamaspik’s Top Brass Toot Own Horns

September 9, 2016

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

Moshe and Nathan Fried aren’t just brothers and Hamaspik of Rockland County employees, but professional musicians, too.

Moshe, a long-time Direct Support Professional (DSP) at the agency’s men’s Day Hab program, has been on the trumpet just as long—whether Day Hab by day or weddings by night. 

Brother Nathan, Hamaspik’s relatively recently-arrived Day Hab Maintenance Manager and all-around handyman, is also quite handy (not to mention professionally trained) on the trombone.

Come the weekly “Oneg Shabbos” party at the men’s Day Hab this past Friday, Sept. 2, then, Hamaspik of Rockland County’s “top brass” showed up in the form of the Brothers Fried.

Nathan Fried, having again become a proud father that week, was the party’s special guest, invited to celebrate his growing family with “the boys”—but arriving as entertainment, too.

Moshe laid down a bass track on the tuba-like euphonium while Nathan led on his horn of choice—spreading the Shabbos spirit, and sharing more than a few notes of personal joy.

Day Hab Bumps into MBD

Known informally by his initials as the cross-generational inspirational singer that he is, Mordechai Ben David is recognized across the sizable Orthodox Jewish community of his native New York.

That would include a Thursday, Sept. 1 spiritual pilgrimage to the resting place of Grand Rabbi Chaim Zanvl Abramowitz, the late Ribnitzer Rebbe (1902-1995), in Rockland County.

It was there that the gentlemen of Hamaspik of Orange County’s Day Hab program, on their own customary pre-Rosh Hashanah prayer pilgrimage to a holy man’s resting place, had the most pleasant surprise of running into MBD in person.

They also had the pleasure of bumping into Zishe Schmeltzer, a community minstrel of repute whose songs, rhymes and live stage productions continue to uplift many.

But MBD’s soulful reputation extends well beyond the stage and studio, evidenced once again by his warm and sincere greeting of the excited young men, at least one of whom he remembered from a disability benefit concert of years ago.

At that event, that young man, then considerably younger, joined the famous recording artist live on stage—an appearance that MBD gladly recalled.

The singer was only too happy to pose with “the boys” for several photos, reciprocating their excitement with warm Rosh Hashanah blessings of his own.