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HamaspikCare Patient Snowed In By Winter Storm Stella? “Snow” Problem!

March 23, 2017        

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

Blustery Blizzard No Match for Agency On-call Coordinator Mrs. Monifa Brown

HamaspikCare On-call Coordinator Monifa Brown isn’t the type to let trifling obstacles like a few feet of snow get in the way of getting the job done.

That’s why, when the late-night call came in on Monday, March 13, as Winter Storm Stella bore down on the Tri-State region, Mrs. Brown did the opposite of what most members of the workforce were doing: she got right to work.

In need of immediate attention was an 88-year-old man being discharged from a Rockland County hospital late that very night. 

The gentleman and HamaspikCare beneficiary had endured a fall and resulting arm fracture that had landed him in the ER for ten hours that day—and his HamaspikCare home help had already called in to say she’d be unavoidably unable to get in on Tuesday in the storm’s midst.

It was well past nightfall, and into Stella’s first snowfall, when Mrs. Brown, on duty with HamaspikCare’s round-the-clock emergency hotline, picked up the phone.

On the line was the venerable senior’s niece, who hastily explained the adverse situation.

Needless to say, by the time the gentleman had been safely transported back to the local senior residential complex he calls home, a capable HamaspikCare aide was already waiting for him.

Having furiously worked the phones in a blitz of productivity, Coordinator Brown had seen to it that an available, willing and always-professional HamaspikCare home health aide (HHA) was secured and duly dispatched to the senior residence, and in record time.

HamaspikCare was thus the proud recipient of a gracious letter of thanks the following week from the man’s niece—who turned out to be none other than Mrs. Sarah Birnhack, the legendary writer.

With Mrs. Birnhack’s kind permission, we’re proudly including the entirety of that letter—because we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

-------- Original message --------

From: Sarah Birnhack

Date: 3/17/17 11:06 AM

To: Mordechai Wolhendler

Subject: A note of recognition...

Monday night, when all of Monsey was getting ready for a monster storm and most caretakers were calling your office that they would not be doing their usual  shifts on Tuesday, the woman who answered the Hamaspik emergency line, Monifa, took my call for help for my elderly (88 year old) uncle who is authorized for 6 hours a day of help (whose caretaker had already called to say she would NOT be showing up for her 6 hour Tuesday shift!) who was being discharged from Good Sam hospital with a fractured bone above his left elbow and couldn't even get into bed with only one hand. She went out of her way and arranged for a caregiver to be in his room at the Fountainview from when he returned there after being in the emergency room 10 hours (most of them with no food or drink as they thought he might need surgery on the arm)! The caretaker was there when we needed her, all thanks to Monifa's true caring. I told her I would let her supervisor know that she personified Hamaspik by going that extra mile in a true emergency.  Your organization is a symbol of caring that others should emulate, since you instill this mission in your employees, even those whose job it is to "just answer the phone." Kol hakavod. 


Sarah Birnhack