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Children and Adults Alike Greatly Enjoy Massive Hamaspik Passover Family Outing

April 26, 2017            

By Mendy Hecht, Hamaspik Gazette

Rollicking Family Event Held for 3rd Year at Garden State Exhibit Center

There’s just no such thing as Passover without a family outing. 

And armed with that fact, Hamaspik held its annual Passover family outing for individuals with disabilities and their immediate family members once again this year.

The holiday program, held Thursday, April 13, saw dozens of buses, vans and cars converge for the fourth consecutive year upon the Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset, New Jersey—disgorging hundreds of youths, and their parents and little siblings (sorry, no teenagers!), for a full day of family fun.

Occupying the spacious floor space of the Center once again was a kaleidoscopic panoply of carnival-style rides, slides, games and booths—rounded out by no shortage of kosher-for-Passover refreshments (including yogurts, muffins and fruits—and don’t forget the drinks!) served up all day at a designated indoor cafeteria area.

Further furthering the festive festival atmosphere were the clowns and other children’s entertainers walking around to put a smile on every face—along with familiar Jewish music blasting from the PA system set up to be heard throughout the hall.

With specially arranged buses having brought in the Hamaspik crowds from as far north as the Hudson Valley’s Kiryas Joel and New Square enclaves, and as far south as Brooklyn’s Borough Park and Williamsburg neighborhoods, the crowd was a thorough representation of the communities that Hamaspik dutifully serves and supports.

With the facility’s entire 60,000 square feet exclusively reserved for Hamaspik community usage for the duration of the entire day, bearers of the exclusive invitations mailed solely by MSCs to those they support (and their immediate family members) gained entry upon arrival to no shortage of holiday fun. 

Besides the aforementioned highlighted attractions, also on hand to amuse and challenge were balance beams, climbing walls and the like—allowing children of all ages to test their abilities.

Souvenirs were distributed by the door by longtime Hamaspik Special Events Coordinator Brenda Katina and her team of assistants, all of whom greeted every arrival with a smile—and who ensured that each went home as happy and excited as they had been at arrival.