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Hamaspik Inaugurates Expansion of Borough Park Headquarters Public Servants, Community Members Attend Gala Ribbon Cutting of New Wing


On Monday, March 27, the first sledgehammer met its target as construction began.


On Monday, November 27, blades of a ceremonial oversized shears met their ribbon target as the first day of operations officially began.


It was the gala grand opening ceremony for Hamaspik’s newly-expanded community complex in the heart of Borough Park.  Attended by leading politicians and friends of Hamaspik, the event marked the inauguration of some 6,000 new square feet of space.


The event began at 12:00 p.m. with a light but elegant lunch.  An informative, exciting video about all things Hamaspik was shown while guests dined.


Hamaspik Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations Aron Wieder, serving as emcee, then formally ushered in the event by inviting the attending VIP guests to participate in its primary highlight: the ribbon-cutting ceremony.


Wielding a giant pair of scissors that Hamaspik keeps for just such occasions (and it has fortunately had many!), the group of elected officials joined hands to cut a ribbon strung across the entrance to the brand-new interior section.


Hamaspik leaders from across the agency were then honored with the placing of individual mezuzos on the new offices’ many doorways.


Hamaspik founder and New York State Hamaspik Association (NYSHA) Executive Director Meyer Wertheimer was then introduced by Mr. Wieder to share a few words.  


In his brief comments, Mr. Wertheimer thanked by name the public servants present for their involvement.


He also singled out Hamaspik’s joint driving force in quite literally raising the roof: Hamaspik of Kings County Executive Director Joel Freund, Director of Development Naftali Tessler and Maintenance Manager Chaim Klein.


Hamaspik of Kings County’s leadership then presented Mr. Wertheimer with a token of appreciation: a plaque bearing a large photo of the expanded new building


Mr. Wieder then successively introduced New York City Public Advocate Letitia “Tish” James, State Senator Simcha Felder, New York City Councilmember Brad Lander, and New York City Councilmember-elect Kalman Yeger.  Each of those public servants, instrumental advocates of Hamaspik’s mission all, shared words of support and encouragement.


Director of Development Tessler presented a plaque to Yehudah (“Yiddi”) Nussenzweig, CEO and owner of New York Major Construction, for being on time and on budget.


An emotionally powerful speech was next delivered by Yonah, a self-described “client of HamaspikCare” (and “avid reader of the Gazette”!)—driving home the very real caring at the heart of everything that Hamaspik does.


The crowd next heard from our very Mordechai Wolhendler, HamaspikCare’s New York City Regional Director, who shared a few words of thanks to agency leadership and vision for his office’s enhanced mission in its new and improved workspaces.  The robust growth of HamaspikCare, the agency’s home care agency for seniors and others with home-care needs, is now accommodated by the expansion.


A brief speech by Hamaspik of Kings County leader Joel Freund followed.


Deftly added to the roof and rear of the existing glass-and-steel edifice, the expansion makes room for the agency’s hardworking and growing corps of professionals.


But given Hamaspik’s track record of constantly adding new supports and services to meet an ever-growing array of communal needs, it’s only a matter of time before Hamaspik of Kings County just may need to add yet another floor. 


Or another building.