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A Very Early Passover Start for Rockland County Women’s Day Hab

It wasn’t even a month after Chanukah.  And as you read this, it’s just about two months to the involved holiday.


But on January 9, the Women’s Division of the Hamaspik of Rockland County Day Habilitation Program got an early start on Passover—by paying an exciting community outing to an active matzah bakery.


Given the mass demand for the crunchy, bumpy, flat and round wheat crackers otherwise known as matzah, commercial community matzah bakeries get (dough-) rolling around Chanukah time—and the several serving Rockland County are no different.


But besides being beehives of extreme precision, what with the absolutely inflexible rules governing the matzah-making process, matzah bakeries are also perennial magnets for involved community members of all ages, too.


Adults wishing to add that personal touch to their matzah will commonly join matzah-baking crews, or form groups of their own crews, to go home with sacred flatbreads of their own, and quite literally made by hand.  And kids—particularly schoolkids—have always thrilled to the clockwork-like human machinery.


And now, those community members also include Hamaspik’s Day Hab.