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Bakertown IRA at 1 Year

Step Up for Hamaspik’s First “Step-Down” IRA

Bakertown Shvesterheim in Monroe Marks 1st Anniversary

Hamaspik Bakertown Girls IRA in Kiryas JoelThis isn’t your ordinary Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) group home.

And it’s not an ordinary IRA for Hamaspik of Orange County, or the entire Hamaspik family of IRA across three counties, for that matter.  It’s a “step-down” IRA.

So dubbed for its functioning as that one critical step down to a more typical, mainstreamed level of function for its residents, the Bakertown Shvesterheim might most be accurately described as a step up for the six young ladies who took up residence last year and are now reaching the first anniversary of their new thriving home.

Moving on from Hamaspik of Orange County’s Seven Springs Shvesterheim IRA and Hamaspik of Rockland County’s Fosse Shvesterheim IRA, the individuals have done nothing but positively thrive in the many months since their arrival.

According to Home Manager Mrs. Appel, each resident has personally grown thanks to the greater independence granted them by   living in the less structured residence.

As residents of Bakertown, each has been given duties and chores that they have to  complete, making them not passive bystanders watching a team of staff care for the home around them but active participants at a whole new level.

But most critically, notes Mrs. Appel, it isn’t just that Bakertown residency grants them independence, but brings it out in them.  Put otherwise, the women have risen to the occasion, tending to various housekeeping duties not because they were ordered to do so but, most remarkably, because it had to get done—and so they did it.

Such activities of daily living include changing linens, making beds, and tending to personal hygiene, says the Manager—and all with a minimum (if any) of proctoring.

They weren’t doing any of those things on their own a year ago.  But with Bakertown marking its first anniversary of operations this January, its residents mark a year of groundbreaking personal progress, too.